The BIGGEST Purchase of Your Life.

Buying your first Home Saving up a 20% deposit especially for a home in a major Australian city is a BIG ask.  You need to put a plan in place and calculate how many months it will take to [...]

Super News for Retirees

Federal Government released draft legislation whereby retirees over 65 would be able to make to their superannuation contributions up to $300,000 within a 90day period of selling their home and [...]

Federal Government First Home Super Saver Scheme

The Federal Government has now just released a draft legislation announcement of its First Home Super Saver Scheme, which from all indications will be controlled by the Australian Taxation Office [...]

Know When or If to Retire

Before considering retirement you need to know what your retirement will look like and can you afford to retire, or should you retire.  Know how much you will need in retirement. How many games [...]

Market Update

Is the Second Longest Bull Market Running Out? The bull market is still going but how long can this bull market keep running? Since March 2009 it is the second longest bull market in 99 months. [...]

Market Update

Housing Market The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released dwelling approvals data for the month of May at a national level showing the number of dwelling approvals fell by 5.6% to 16,448.  [...]

RBA Announces Official Cash Rate Call

There was no surprise when the RBA at its July monthly board meeting announced another hold on its official interest rate of 1.5% for July.  The RBA last moved rates  August 2016 down to the [...]

Market Update

Markets are still positive and ASX on Monday went up 0.78% to 5,948.90. The Dow up slightly 0.01% to 20,658. The next few days the ASX could pass through the 6000 point barrier. Recent surveys [...]

President Trump’s First Week

First week for President Donald Trump and he has signed a dozen executive orders. Yes, it appears we are going to build that wall and maybe Mexico may pay for it or face a 20% tax on their [...]

Australian share market update

The Australian Share Market is still showing a weak performance being down last week by 1.7%. This was mainly due again to a weak performance in source stocks. Oil prices have weakened causing [...]

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