Things to Consider in Buying into a Retirement Village It is important to get a lawyer or advisor to read the contract of the retirement village you are considering buying into. The retirement village operators are required by law to give you the contract and disclosure statement twenty-one days before you sign. Seek advice about […]


It’s  Important to Systemise Your Business To be successful in business you need to be able to deliver a high -quality product and service consistently. If you are going to attract new business and keep your existing customers coming back, they need to be able to experience the same level of product or service each […]

Let’s talk about Insurance

Buying Life, TPD and income insurance, should I buy it in my Super or outside of the fund? Some advantages Many of the company and industry funds offer insurance in the super.  Often this allows you immediate acceptance often without medicals and involving a lot of paperwork. Due to the size of many of these […]


This Editorial is very much aimed at the small to medium size business (SME”s).  Small businesses are suffering from over compliance and government red tape and generally rising costs of running a business. To succeed in business today it is simply impossible to work toward a productive and profitable future in business without spending more […]

Connect- Winter 2017

Connect Winter 2017 Financial news for tomorrow’s lifestyle EDITORIAL By John Osborne, Chairman It is hard to believe we are at the start of another financial year. It is important to be aware of the new changes to concessional contributions to superannuation. The concessional contribution for the new financial year starting July 1, 2017 is […]

What is the NDIS?

The NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme which is reforming the way the disability services are funded and delivered to those who are disabled.  The scheme was launched in July 2013 in four locations.  The dull rollout commenced in July 2016 and will be completed by 2020 across Australia. The NDIS works like insurance, […]

The BIGGEST Purchase of Your Life.

Buying your first Home Saving up a 20% deposit especially for a home in a major Australian city is a BIG ask.  You need to put a plan in place and calculate how many months it will take to achieve your goal, your deposit for your first home.  Research where you want to live and […]

Super News for Retirees

Federal Government released draft legislation whereby retirees over 65 would be able to make to their superannuation contributions up to $300,000 within a 90day period of selling their home and providing they were moving into a retirement community, aged care facility or smaller homes not close to schools or away from major employment centres or […]

Federal Government First Home Super Saver Scheme

The Federal Government has now just released a draft legislation announcement of its First Home Super Saver Scheme, which from all indications will be controlled by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).  They will have the authority to determine who is eligible to withdraw funds from their super fund to contribute towards buying their first home. […]

Know When or If to Retire

Before considering retirement you need to know what your retirement will look like and can you afford to retire, or should you retire.  Know how much you will need in retirement. How many games of bowls or golf games a week are going to long term satisfy you in retirement.  How many times can you […]