Connect – August 2014

Connect August 2014 Financial news for tomorrow’s lifestyle TAKE A GLOBAL OUTLOOK WITH INVESTING It’s interesting many investors in Australia will not consider investing outside of Australia. This is probably due to global uncertainty. Also if they are looking for high-yielding stocks offering franking credit opportunities, the Australian share market is the place to be. The […]

Connect – June 2014

Connect June 2014 Financial news for tomorrow’s lifestyle EDITORIAL It’s hard to believe we are approaching the end of another financial year. Where has this year gone? It’s that time of year when most people are starting to prepare for their annual duel with the tax man. There are always those who leave their tax preparations […]

Connect – May 2014

Connect May 2014 Financial news for tomorrow’s lifestyle INTRODUCING OYA FINANCIAL DECISIONS Directors John Osborne and Damien Cooper are very pleased to announce the merger between Osborne Yuille & Associates and Financial Decisions Pty Ltd. This merger brings advantages in having a larger scale of operations. OYA Financial Decisions is a full service advisory firm […]