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OYA business coaching prides itself on helping businesses grow and prosper so that you can enjoy a worthy lifestyle. For 40 years, our team has been there for many successful individuals to guide them through their business journey with advice on everything from finance management tips or how best to manage family time while still being productive at work – we’ve seen it all!

A worker doing accounting calculations
Accounting calculations

John Osborne has had 40 years in the corporate world, and he’s successfully led several businesses. Before starting his own financial services company, John served as a director of public companies, where he advised them on how to best run their business while also travelling overseas for work-related opportunities that could help grow it further abroad. Eventually, he founded The Osborne Yuille Group with offices located all around Sydney – Narrabeen (Northern Beaches), Maitland Cessnock & Singleton in the Hunter Valley.
John first began working at various industries like mining or manufacturing before running his own consultancy firm specializing exclusively within finance management consulting. In his company, John has a team of qualified and experienced business accountants and financial advisers to aid and assist you in your business growth.

Business Planning and Structuring in the Hunter Valley

To help you meet your goals, we work with you in establishing a written Business Plan. A successful business relies on its plan to be effective; it should address all major aspects of the organization–from marketing strategy down to how employees will interact with each other at every level within the company (i.e., management). At Osborne Yuille business coaching, our team provides professional assistance for this process to succeed!

Why do you need a Business Plan?

A business plan is a documented description of your business’s short-term and long-term goals, the strategies you will use to meet those goals, how much money you need to achieve them and when you will need it. A business plan is a vital instrument in managing a small or medium-sized company. It forces a company to look at where they are going and how they can get there orderly.

A Business Plan will give you all the information you need to satisfy the demands of the following;

Benefits of a Business Plan

Business Coaching and Structure Planning in Cessnock

Setting up the right business structure for your company is an important decision that you will need to make. There are many factors involved in choosing a good one; including size and type of business goals, long-term or short-term succession plan, tax requirements on profits earned by different types of companies (Sole Proprietorship vs PTY), whether they’re publicly traded etc. We can assist with understanding these complexities, so let’s talk!

Benefits of Business Structure

  • Asset protection and minimizing risk
  • Assists in sourcing funding from lenders and investors
  • Assists you to create tax-efficient structures and lower costs
  • Lowers compliance costs

KPI’s and Benchmarking

KPI’s are important in measuring the efficiency and productivity of your business. We can help you to develop KPI’s that will allow for benchmarking against other businesses, as well as provide helpful information on industry standards so they’re relevant towards what matters most when running a successful company.
It is crucial to monitor both teams’ performance within one organization and across different industries or fields in which companies operate. Are their employees being productive? How does this impact my costs at work? Is there anything I need improvement with related overheads (personnel)? We will help manage your KPI’s so that you can improve your business performance.

Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

In order to survive, a business needs enough cash flow in the bank. Without it, they’ll be at risk of going under with their creditors and employees soon facing unemployment or, even worse, poverty because there is not enough money coming into an organization for them all to get paid.
Budgets are essential when it comes down to getting organized about how much you’re making so that any sudden influxes don’t throw off your whole financial plan! OYA business coaching will help set up regular review sessions on budgeting as well as provide tips from industry veterans who have been where you might want to go next.

Benefits of Cash Flow Management

Business Growth

At Osborne Yuille Cessnock Business Coaching, we know how important it is to grow a successful and profitable business. That’s why our team of expert business coaches, can help you identify the main drivers that drive your success so that they are prioritized in an effective growth strategy for maximum gain!
We’re here at all stages; from strategic planning through execution. We provide coaching on everything from building relationships with clients or acquiring new sources of revenue while working closely alongside established organizations looking forward to future opportunities. We also provide an independent review when needed throughout every stage, which ensures long term sustainability without compromising current operations too much. Either way, making sure not only do things get done but also getting them done right the first time around.

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