Financial Planning Services in Cessnock

Wealth Accumulation

Your long-term wealth is a reflection of how much you’ve invested in your career. We’ll be there with advice for every stage, from tax-effective savings plans and asset allocation giving growth through retirement funds to managing cash flow or debt repayment when investing becomes more difficult as prices decline.
Accumulating wealth is not just about making money but also protecting it. When you invest with OYA, we’ll ensure that it’s as easy for you as possible by taking into account what matters to you most: Getting there faster or enjoying more now. At OYA, we ensure that you invest in the right products, the right way and the right part of your portfolio.

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Cash Flow Advice and Management

Managing your cash flow is important when developing a financial plan. Whether you are in the stage of life actively growing wealth or planning for retirement, we can help to manage and increase efficiency with our professional advice on how best to handle this aspect so that it helps meet all goals effectively!

Retirement Planning

Aging parents often find themselves in a position where they need to plan for their retirement. Financial advice can help you secure the funds necessary, know when it’s appropriate time to transfer them, and pass them onto future generations most tax-effectively possible. Our team of highly qualified advisers offers industry & retail superannuation fund establishment services along with ongoing strategic investment solutions that will work towards securing an enjoyable lifestyle during early years until old age finally comes knocking on your door!

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Risk Management and Asset Protection from the Cessnock Financial Planners

If you’re looking for a company that can help with risk management and asset protection services, Osborne Yuille is what you need. We offer insurance to ensure financial well-being when an unplanned event occurs, such as accidents or sickness in our family members; we also offer reviews on behalf of clients who might be underinsured or even overinsured!
We have life cover policies that protect loved ones from loss financially due to death (or other causes). With total & permanent disability coverage comes medical benefits, too, so just because someone has suffered some sort of injury doesn’t mean their job prospects will suffer forever either. Our insurance services include:

  • Life and Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Business Insurance

Aged Care in Cessnock

Osborne Yuille Financial Services in Cessnock have qualified and trained Aged Care specialists who can help you navigate the complexities of planning for your future when faced with questions such as “What will happen to me if I need assistance?” Our highly experienced staff are here in order to make sure that we provide tailored advice based on our clients’ needs, ensuring they do not miss any important information related to both Age Pension entitlements or aged care cost considerations. This is to ensure their family’s financial situation remains stable despite making these decisions at an already difficult time. We ensure that your golden years.


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Investment Portfolio Services

The first task in constructing an investment portfolio is to ensure we understand your current financial situation, including what you wish for the future and how much risk tolerance. We have access to a wide range investments – both managed funds or listed services that can help meet those needs!

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