Our coaching service will assist you in your new business ventures or offer support to your current business.


  •   Owner of several successful businesses. 
  •  Proven 36 year track record building individuals and businesses in the Sydney and Hunter Valley.
  •  Can help maximise your staff productivity with training, giving you more time out of the business.
  •  A support team of professionals.
  • Access further to a worldwide support network with 1000’s of
    experienced coaches. 

Our aim is to help you grow your business to be profitable and productive, where it doesn’t rely on you- giving you time out to be with your family, or pursue that favourite pastime you have wanted to have time for.

You are probably like most people in their own business, working longer hours that you ever thought you would be. You would probably love to regain the original vision and dream you had when you first went into business. You dream of regaining control of your life and being able to spend more time with your family and friends and do that overseas trip.

With over thirty years of experience in helping individuals and businesses grow their businesses in all fields, from all sizes, we know what it takes to succeed in business and how to achieve your goals without work taking over your life. At OYA Business Directions-ActionCOACH, our goal is to help business owners such as yourself spend less time in your business and more time working ON your business. Finally, you will be making more money working on your business and less time working in it. 


Every great sports star, business person and superstar is surrounded by coaches and advisors. The business world is moving faster and getting more competitive, making it harder to keep up with changes in the industry as well as innovations in sales, marketing and management strategies. 

Having a business coach is no longer a luxury—it is becoming a necessity. Accountability is one of the greatest strengths of working with a business coach, as a coach can provide objective answers that you are often unable to find. With years of experience, a coach can help you to develop long-term and short-term goals and strategies and help improve your business in areas you may have overlooked. 

As your coach, I can help you see the forest for the trees and allow you to focus on the game and your long-term strategies. I will help you to develop long-term plans to allow your business to function more profitably and efficiently, whilst meeting your personal and business goals.

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